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kingstoncherry Sat 04-May-13 17:56:20

We have a place for pre-school starting in September. However, our DD is very happy in a private nursery, where they will accept pre-school vouchers. We're going to keep her where she is but would love for her to attend the school next year.

My MiL thinks I should make an appt with the school secretary to keep them sweet when it comes to a reception place next Sept. I know for a fact that the pre-school is not a feed into reception places but she still thinks I should discuss our position with them.

Is she right?

Omnishambolic Thu 30-May-13 21:54:20

Personally I wouldn't bother, the school can't promise you a place or anything. Suppose it might be interesting to know how many children didn't go to the pre-school and started in reception, but only as a matter of general interest as won't really mean anything to your chances. As you say - the system's changed since your MIL was applying for school places for her children, it makes not a blind bit of difference, you'll either get in on the published admissions criteria or you won't. What is useful information is how far out they went last year, how many places in each category etc - you should be able to find that on the Kingston council website but if not I'd contact the school/the council to get hold of this.

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