Surbiton or New Malden?

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sinulienka Fri 19-Apr-13 19:03:32

At the moment living in Guildford but want to move to Kingston. Looking for an area with good secondary schools so Surbiton and New Malden both seemed pretty good. What are some pros and cons of both areas?

HarderToKidnap Fri 19-Apr-13 20:08:47

Surbiton is a bit "naicer", bit more leafy, bit more of a chi chi high street, next to river, a lot greener. Much closer to the riverside end of Kingston centre which has the nicer selection of restauants. Much easier in to Surrey and countryside, NT properties etc. 15 mins into Waterloo. NM is a lot more concrete-y, but right on the A3 if you need that, cheaper housing, more ethnic shops, less good train link to London. Bigger high street. Close to the Norbiton end of Kingston which is next to lovely Richmond Park and has some nice shops, I wouldn't say it's in walking distance from most of NM though.

Sybilunrest Fri 19-Apr-13 21:54:47

I'd agree that Surbiton is more pleasant in general -all the above is true. I don't know much about secondary schools- haven't got there yet! The train links are weirdly much better in Surbiton than in Kingston or NM.

lily9478 Wed 21-Aug-13 09:09:22

Both areas are very nice and they both have links to good secondary schools. However, I think Surbiton is a bit more pleasant in general as the other two posters have said. If you move to Surbiton, there is Surbiton High School and if you move to New Malden, there are a number of different schools you can take the bus or train to. My post might be too late though since this thread began in April.

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