Anyone undertaken a refurb lately? Need an architect and builder.

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Sombrine Tue 07-Aug-12 23:28:22

We're just about to exchange contracts on our first family home (after a tiny one bedroom flat) but the whole house needs work so we're planning some extension work before moving in (side extension, partial double storey rear extension and loft conversion).

With 2 LOs (2 yo and 6 mo) I could do with any helpful recommendations for architects and or builders. Is there someone you've used recently who you'd recommend? Would appreciate any advice. hoping to get keys to house next week and get started straight away as money is short and we'll be paying rent and mortgage at the same time...eeek!

Many thanks in advance. Will be happy to help anyone with recommendations once we're underway. Know a good surveyor, if anyone is looking!

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