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hollyathi Mon 09-Jul-12 12:32:24

Hi Ladies,

As a recently-moved-to Hampton Court resident I'm wondering if any of you working mums have a view on which Surrey business networking groups are particularly worth joining? I run my own handyman business serving Surrey and London and would like to get our company name out there! There are so many it's hard to know which to choose so any advice you can give me is much appreciated!

VictoriaBPhotography Thu 23-Aug-12 12:11:45

Hi hollyathi,
yes there are loads. I am a member of BNI which I find really good, but the early mornings might not suit (6:45-8:30am). You could try 4Networking in Kingston (from memory I think this is every other Tuesday 8-10am). There are also some ladies only groups, such as Ladies at 11 in Surbiton and Esher. I would really suggest just going along and visiting some of these groups to see which ones you like.... most of them will let you visit a couple of times before you need to make a decision about joining. There is also Business Biscotti which is a free event you can just turn up to when you like. I've visited quite a few different networking groups in the area, so if you'd like to chat just give me a shout - .
Good luck,

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