If you could choose - Thames Ditton/ Claygate, Epsom, or Guildford??

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Wombled Tue 03-Jul-12 21:34:02

We are moving out from London and have 'narrowed' the area search down to the triangle (known as bermuda triangle in our house) of Kingston/ Epsom/ Guildford. Specifically:
- Thames Ditton or Claygate
- Epsom (Ashtead side)
- Guildford (Merrow)
They are all nice areas and work for us school wise, have a sense of community and village feel, but close to larger town, and easy access to open space - but we just can't choose between them at the minute!! If you could choose, where would get your vote??

GwendolineMaryLacey Sat 22-Sep-12 12:19:01

Love Epsom. Been here for 10 years. Greenery and a nice but not too big centre. Enough shops to keep you going and close to Kingston for major shopping. Has some nice pubs, a cinema and lots of parks and really easy commute to elsewhere.

GwendolineMaryLacey Sat 22-Sep-12 12:19:38

Oops had already answered this one! blush

Maman2004 Sun 23-Sep-12 09:51:37

I live in Claygate, very boring!

starfish99 Tue 26-Feb-13 21:48:31

Hi wombled - did u decide on where to go? We are considering ashtead but not sure if house prices ans commute are worth it?

massagegirl Mon 04-Mar-13 08:36:13

Love claygate!

stillnotsure Wed 31-Jul-13 20:51:49

not debatable Thames Ditton it's got to be. Excellent schools and nurseries, train line (great station coffee shop, line is a bit slow, but keenos can always cycle to Surbiton). Fabulous community feel and not far from A3 so you can head to beach in summer............. Great when they get to teenager age as well.

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