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Peppaagain Tue 03-Jul-12 20:25:44

Can't find an Epsom link so posting this question in here in the hope it will be viewed!

We are looking at moving within the area and Epsom is one of the places on the list as it takes us a bit closer to my family. Anyway, i'd really like my kids to go to a catholic primary as i was educated in one and have had good experiences with my interactions with catholic schools through other family members. However i recently told by someone that the Epsom primary is incredibly difficult to get into - any most applicants attend church weekly and have kids baptised under 3 months. My kids were baptised at 4 months and we go to church every 3 weeks but, tbh, that is what i have always done so i don't want to change purely to get a place (cause that would be so contrived - or is that naive!?). Would love to hear from someone who knows the school well, as we don't want to risk a move that could mean us ending up not getting into a catholic primary. Thx

Gleek Tue 03-Jul-12 20:36:59

St.Joseph's is competitive, if you look at the application procedure it outlines how they allocate places should they be oversubscribed:

"Applications will be ranked in the order shown on the Supplementary Information Form i.e. firstly those attending Mass weekly or at
least 3 times a month, then once or twice a month, then less than once a month."

Last year, out of 60 places, 48 went to children who attended mass weekly and 12 to children who attended 1-3 times per month. Obviously this doesn't tell you how many applications they had from children who went 1-3 times per month and therefore how likely you are to get in.

Have you thought about St Clement's?

WateryFowls Tue 03-Jul-12 20:37:17

Hello, had to nip off and name change smile

DD1 starts at St J's in September and I have family there already. Usually it's oversubscribed, last year there were siblings that didn't get in. This year it has been less so and, although the 60 places were easily filled, they went down to those who attend St Joseph's church between 1-3 times per month. They didn't get a look in in previous years.

The school requirements are that you sign in at mass every week (or whenever you attend) from when the child is 2.5 years and they are very strict with that. AFAIK there is no restriction on when the child is baptised. We have done/are doing ours at 6 months, children of friends are older, well over a year in some cases.

I think relying on attendance at mass 3 times per month is a risky strategy if you really want that school. If it's a busy year you won't get a look in.

However, it is a fab school, have heard nothing but great things about it and my nieces love it. DD1 has been at the kindergarten next door and has loved that too. That's a separate school though. It shares a name and site with the primary school but they're not linked in terms of admissions.

Good luck smile

WateryFowls Tue 03-Jul-12 20:39:28

Just to add, friends of DD1 that didn't get into St Joseph's are mostly headed for St Martin's which seems to be well regarded although CofE.

Peppaagain Tue 03-Jul-12 20:45:11

Gosh, that is competitive. Perhaps i need to be going with my daughter on her own - most of the time when we don't make it, it is because the baby is unwell or under the weather, and i don't get to spend much time in the church anyway when that is the case! Shame though, as we like to go as a family.. Am i too late to increase attendance? My daughter would be starting school sept 2013. Btw- on the GSG it says St Josephs is for aged 5-11 whereas most schools are down as 4-11 - does it have a later start date? Thx

WateryFowls Tue 03-Jul-12 20:53:26

Don't know why it says 5-11. It's the usual age intake.

I would concentrate on getting your daughter to mass tbh. They have a children's liturgy at the 9.30 family mass which lasts for about 30 minutes and the children enjoy that. They get to do some colouring or cutting out which is always good smile Since I've had DD2 I tend to get DD1 out the door then DH comes up a bit later with the baby. We always stay to tea and coffee afterwards (and run it most of the time, it feels like!) and the children have a good run around with their friends while we catch up on the gossip. It's a really lovely community, I'm really enjoying being part of it.

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