Any Hampton Mummies ?

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HellieBellie Wed 30-May-12 09:47:43

hello - i am fairly new to the area and have an eight month old and a 2.4 year old. is anyone interested in setting up a weekly meet or know of any other group going ? many thanks

hamptonmummy Thu 31-May-12 20:09:41

Hi I'm in Hampton & due 1st baby in 2 weeks so maybe in a few months I'll be looking at meeting some other mummies !!

HellieBellie Tue 12-Jun-12 20:48:39

Hamptonmummy - sorry for late reply you may of had baby now! Good luck if not. Let me know when you are up and running and try to find some more mummies. I am back to work in Sept though - boo !

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