Catchment area of Christ Church school in Berrylands

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Londonvix Sun 06-May-12 21:52:24

My boyfriend and I are looking at houses in Berrylands and want to make sure we're choosing a location that is close enough to Christ Church school that our (future!) children would have a good chance of getting in. We will attend the church so should meet the criteria there but does anyone know what maximum walking distances were for committed congregation members for the last few years? I can only find information for 2011 online as it's not in the admissions booklets for the previous years. Would The Ridge or Regent Road be close enough? And any thoughts on whether we'd have any other issues with those roads (sewage smell, traffic, noise, anything else). Many thanks in advance for any advice- we really want to choose well as our intention is not to move for at least 10 years.

Nanny45 Sat 04-Aug-12 22:38:09

Hello Londonvix, I'm 32 years young! My primary school was Christ Church in Berrylands! We lived in Regent Road and from my memories it was a lovely area to spend my childhood!! I know it was 27 years ago but Regent Road was in the catchment area then and also I had a friend who lived at the bottom of Surbiton Hill Park v.near the roundabout at Berrylands train station she went to christ church too.

I hope this helps and it's not too late for you to move I see your post is dated from May.xx

Nanny45 Sat 04-Aug-12 22:43:53

Sorry forgot to say, there were no sewage smells that I remember, traffic wasnt too bad v.quiet really although might be worse by Berrylands station, however we were burgled 2 times, as I said before my mum still lives there and it seems a very safe area to live and grow up in!! I have now moved to a nearby town.
Good luck in your future baby plans and hope this info helps.xx

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