commuting from Teddington to Luton? Nightmare??

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laymizz Thu 29-Sep-11 15:59:00

hello lovely ladies of SW London.

I'm hoping to join you soon from Edinburgh. I long to be back down your way, I'm completely fed up of the freezing cold up here. My DH has had a call about a job in Luton today. We're hoping to move to Teddington, can anyone tell me what the commute would be like for normal office hours, getting there and back again. I think anything more than 1hr 15m is a bit of a deal breaker. He would be driving so it would mean jumping on the M25.

I checked it out on multimap and it said it should take 53 minutes, never sure if that means at 4am on a Tuesday morning though.


Snowgirl1 Tue 11-Oct-11 12:22:05

I used to work in Luton and regularly travelled from there via the M1, M25 to the southern side of the M25.

Your husband's going to have to pass the M25 exits to Heathrow airport, which is usually a really busy section of the M25; and, in my experience, the section of the M1 from M25 to Luton is one of the busiest . Teddington to Luton is not a journey I'd want to do everyday. I'm not sure it would do-able in 1 hour 15 mins. There are quite a few nice areas near Luton that would probably cost a lot less to buy a place than Teddington, e.g. St. Albans, Radlett, Harpenden. Or picking a location in SW London that has quicker access onto the motorway, e.g. Sunbury-on-Thames, Upper Halliford, Egham.

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