Costa coffee in Esher - AVOID with children

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harmitag Thu 15-Sep-11 11:44:29

I'd just like to let everyone on Mumsnet know that I and 3 of my friends were asked to leave Costa Coffee on Esher High Street this morning. We had our 18 month old children with us and my son was a little fractious and one of the other children screamed once. We were asked to leave my a girl called Pavlina who said our children were disturbing the other customers. When I looked around none of the other customers were taking any notice of our children and our noise levels were generally no higher then anyone else's. As parents are a big part of their business I think it is disgusting that we were asked to leave, when I asked for Pavlina's name, she waved her name badge at me, told me to go ahead and complain and smirked, thinking it would make no difference. I know I can't make a difference, but feel we should go to other coffee shops in the local area is this is Costa's attitude to parents. PLease boycott Costa and have a coffee with your children elsewhere. Thank you for reading this.

LaBag Fri 16-Sep-11 02:13:57

The last time I went in to a Costa Coffee with a friend we were driven crazy by a group of mothers who obviously felt the coffee shop was a play school for their children. The children made a lot of noise and were left to run about while people with scalding hot cups of coffee tried to avoid them.

Coffee shops are for grown ups and it takes an awful lot for someone working there to do anything about the behaviour of some children so I think your children were misbehaving worse than you think. Perhaps you are immune to it. The rest of us are not.

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