Best schools in Surbiton and Kingston and advice about UK schooling system please

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Kiki84 Sat 10-Sep-11 16:10:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nicdigby Sat 10-Sep-11 22:13:25


Children can get free 15 hours a week of education the term after their 3rd birthday. In reality, this is often the September after their 3rd birthday. This is called 'nursery'. Sometimes the nurseries are attached to infant schools.

In the year they turn 5 (Sept - Aug) they go into 'reception'

Then year 1, 2 ,3 etc.

Primary schools tend to be 4-11 years. Secondaries are 11-16 or sometimes 18.

Some areas have infant schools (about 4-7) and juniors (7-11).

If you want a free school, you need a 'state school'. This takes in primaries and secondaries.

You can also pay for your child to go to school - they are called provate schools, independent schools, or, confusingly enough, 'public schools'. But "public school" always means expensive paid-for schools!

I'm sure someone will be along with more info.

biggreencat Mon 12-Sep-11 14:01:46


I was also raised in South Africa and found understanding how the school system works a nightmare. We recently went through the application process for primary school and here is some info I found out.

In terms of government schools there are 2 types (there may be others but this is what I’ve come across): Community school – funded entirely by the council and church schools – partly funded by the relevant church.

Entrance into community school is usually based on distance from the school; siblings have priority as well as a number of other classified children.

Entrance into church schools is dependent on your attendance at the relevant church and if your children have been baptised / christened, again siblings tend to have priority but not always and other classified children. Each church school has different criteria. Have a look at the attached for more information although it does seem to change from year to year.

Looking at the schools ofsted report will give you an idea how well its performed academically but it’s a good idea to try talk to parents for a more personal feel.

Some primary schools have nursery schools attached and children can attend from the September after they turn 3 (again there may be schools with different criteria). There are private nurseries that take children from 2. There is no guarantee if your child attends a nursery at a particular school that they will get into reception.

Hope this answers a few more of your questions.

mranchovy Tue 13-Sep-11 00:10:14

An obvious local private choice is the Surbiton High School group which takes Boys and Girls from 4+ (in separate schools) and goes up to 18 for girls, 11 for boys. Fees here.

In Kingston there are state grammar schools (Tiffin School and Tiffin Girls School - not the confusingly named Kingston Grammar School which is private) which are very selective so you can't include these in your plans even as a possibility until you know that your child is the most able in her class.

In Kingston (as in most affluent suburbs), schooling constitutes approximately 75% of conversation among adults aged 25-50 so you will pick up more details fairly quickly grin

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