Venue ideas for a small wedding reception?

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ViolaTricolor Mon 15-Aug-11 18:12:27

Hello Kingston people,

I don't live locally any more, but I am getting married in Kingston at quite short notice, and wondering where to have a meal for about 30. We don't need it to be especially fancy, and we don't want it in the evening (4.30 -- 8.30 approx). A nice family run restaurant would be ideal (rather than, e.g., chain pub!). Does anyone have any suggestions? Somehere with an upstairs/private room would be preferable.

Thanks in advance for any wisdom!

Snowgirl1 Tue 16-Aug-11 14:27:42

The Canbury Arms in Central Kingston is nice. It's an independent pub, which is decorated in a simple contemporary style (cream walls, scrubbed wood furniture) and it has a separate, heated conservatory style room which you can use for private functions (no hire charge as long as you spend a minimum amount, which I think is about £500). The food is gastro pub style.

On the down side, it doesn't have views and parking isn't great - but it's a stone's throw from the station, so if you're getting married in the register office in Norbiton (which is opposite Norbiton station) your guests could hop
on the train for one stop to Kingston station.

ViolaTricolor Tue 16-Aug-11 15:37:20

Oh thank you, this is very much appreciated. We're getting married in central Kingston at the Grammar School, so this would be very convenient. Kingston is my home town really, but I'm so out of touch that I feel a bit lost at the moment, hence posting here. A conservatory sounds lovely, views or no, and this is exactly the kind of arrangement we're looking for smile.

ViolaTricolor Thu 08-Sep-11 11:25:38

Bumping in case of more ideas...

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