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me2011 Fri 05-Aug-11 17:38:58

Dear all,i am in desperate need of advice and guidance and i was thinking that i can find in here people who can help me.

I am thinking in becoming a midwife assistant and later midwife.I dont have an idea were to start.
My plan would be like this:starting voluntaree work at a maternity unit,i live in weybridge so soraunding areas,then starting an acces cource while i practice .My problem is i dont even know how to writte an interest in volunteering letter.Is here anyone who works at the kingston maternity unit?or st.peters maternity,unit in chertsey?Please if anyone have some advice on how i can get started.I am trained with OCN Maternity Practitioner Certificate which allowes me to work as a privet maternity nanny.I also have some short childcare related cources,First Aid as i work as a nanny.Please if is there any kind ladies who can give me some tips on how to go next.thank you very much.

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