need good educational psycholagist

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ummesa Thu 28-Jul-11 22:51:36

my 10 yr old son has certain traits of mild adhd. His issues are mainly
with short attention span and distractability. Its having a big impact on his school work. Its become more evident with his preparation for the 11+. I live in the kingston area and i don't know what i should do now to get him assessed. With the 11+ exams coming up so soon time is of the essence. I need to get him assessed by an educational psycholagist asap. Does anyone no of a good ed psyc in the area?

eviekingston Sun 21-Aug-11 19:34:52

Hi, have your son's school been any help with this? I would have thought that if he has obvious problems with concentration and his work is affected then his teachers would be offering some sort of support? If you havent already, I would suggest contacting the SENCO at his school and asking for an assessment of his needs through them. They could also probably refer you to local Ed Psychs. Private ed psychs can also be found through the British Psychological Society, who will have a listing of chartered educational psychologists in your area. Good luck with your search.

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