Coombe Girls school

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DancingHippoOnAcid Sun 25-Jul-10 13:25:16

DD due to start secondary in Sep 11 so astarting process of applications now.

we are fairly close to Coombe Girls and neighbours DDs go there. have heard good things about it.

Could anyone with experience of the school give me some feedback, especially in relation to pupils of high ability?

Thanks in advance.

pixiedog Fri 25-Oct-13 08:51:59

Hi Dancing. I'm joining a really old thread, but just wondering if you went for Coombe Girls in the end? I'm in the same situ now as you we're. DD in private primary and I can't face the thought of another 7 years of school fees and working like a dog to pay for them!

What are your, or anyone's thoughts on CGS? We're in the catchment and I here lots of good things about it.

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