Anyone with experience of giving birth at Hull Royal Infirmary?

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Pootles2010 Mon 17-May-10 17:11:33


Just wondered if anyone had given birth at Hull recently and had any feedback? I live halfway between York and Hull, so we're a little torn between the two! Thanks!

aSilverLining Mon 17-May-10 17:16:58

Have you been to Hull ROyal Infirmary before pootles? The woman and children's building is fairly new and modern - I live in Hull so had DS there and had no complaints, was also in and out of maternity ward during pregnancy. My sister gave birth there more recently prem and her DS went into NICU again no complaints that I recall. HTH a little. smile

Pootles2010 Tue 18-May-10 08:55:21

Thanks! No never even been to Hull strangely enough. I was told that Hull have more midwives and is calmer, apparently they have rooms (can't remember name of them) that you go straight into when you arrive, and stay in till you leave hospital, rather than being shuttled from one ward to another? Something like Labour delivery recovery rooms...

aSilverLining Wed 19-May-10 07:50:14

When I had DS (he is 5 now) I went straight into a room that had four beds with a cot beside each one. So nicer and a little calmer than a huge full ward of beds. I am not sure if the whole post labour ward is set out likethat in beds of 4 but I think most of it is. I found the midwives really nice.

When I was pg I could go for a tour of the ward if I wanted to but I didn't bother as had been in and out of the maternity ward anyway, could you ask your midwife if this is possible? Not sure what your other hospital choice is like but if you had a better picture of them both it may help you decide?

KateB84 Thu 20-May-10 21:41:15

My best friend had my god daughter at Hull Royal and i spent a lot of time there after she had given birth as she had a c section. The staff were always really friendly and she said that they were encouraging and calm and she would definately recommend it. I am due my first baby in November and will definately be choosing Hull Royal as so far in my pregnancy the staff have been great (i seem to have spent many a day there lol!) So although i have no personal experience of giving birth there i have heard nothing but positive comments

waterlillie20 Fri 21-May-10 21:01:31


My daughter is 14 months old. I delivered her at Hull Royal Infirmary (The women and childrens centre) it wasnt my first choice but decided to go there for convenience as it was the closest maternity hospital as i live in central Hull.. The midwifes on the labour and delivery ward were amazing.. !! However, when id been put onto a ward The maple ward. the staff there werent very good... I was breast feeding when my daughter was born and found it hard to latch was around 11.30 pm and id been trying to get my little girl to latch on for around 20 mins. i rang the buzzer and a midwife appeared around 5 minutes later. She said to me 'wots the matter' i explained what i needed help with. she literally grabbed my breast put my daughter on and walked off.. no words from her i was waiting for her to return but never saw her again. i found my experience on the ward wuite uncomfortable. but other than that midwife i must admit the rest of the staff there were lovely and like i said the labour and delivery ward was amazin. i wantd a water birth and fortunately the birting pool was free (they only have one) i would seriously think about your options hunni.. personally next time. i will try to go to the jubilee birthing centre in Cottingham.

Hope this helps..

Terri xx

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