I just want to say COM E ON HULL CITY!!!!!

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madmuggle Mon 26-May-08 10:58:37

That would involve watching football though I can't stand the ruddy sport. I would much rather watch paint dry, and have a rather large tub of it upstairs for any such emergency

onlygirl Mon 26-May-08 08:51:39

dont think of it like that, we are in the premiership now just think of all them new hot players we will get to see grin

madmuggle Sat 24-May-08 17:14:07

Fuck it! They got through. One fucking lousy bloody goal!

<is angry>

madmuggle Sat 17-May-08 22:20:22

I live within spitting distance of the ruddy stadium. I am not going to be happy if they go up

fryalot Thu 15-May-08 07:37:09

and today I would like to say


ShortHairedSQUONK Sat 03-May-08 21:46:54

(come on Leicester as well wink)

up the tigers!


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