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madmuggle Wed 16-Apr-08 20:43:45

Does this seemingly elite and select (for those who can't read in 'madmuggle-o-vision' this is intense sarcasm ) group of us ever do the meet-up thing?

madmuggle Mon 19-May-08 19:10:10

Pubs? Hives of villainy and degenerate behaviour!

I'm in! As long as I have warning so I can beg people to squash my kidlets for me

fryalot Mon 19-May-08 19:25:04

<<<searches for car keys>>>

I'm ready when you are grin

seriously, I can do pretty much any time, you say when...

madmuggle Mon 19-May-08 19:47:28

this week is pretty much buggered, as I'm squashing tomorrow, dancing Thursday, drooling over Indy on Friday and cheesing on Saturday. You're away next week, so the week after is looking most sensible?

If we set a date that week, we might be able to lure in other Hull types?

Make sense? If yes, I obviously need more vodka tea

fryalot Mon 19-May-08 21:11:48

makes perfect sense.

Am very envy at you drooling over Indy on Friday! I want a full movie review, with pictures of naked torsoes if you can get them (who cares if he's 65? wink])

I suspect J20 will come along - I texted her and she said to count her in to any pub trip demure mumsnet meet up.

And yes, a few others may come along as well. Twill be good.

Are you going to start a thread in meet ups or am I? (bearing in mind I started the Yorkshire picnic one and I don't want to look needy grin)

fryalot Mon 19-May-08 21:12:32

and how are you cheesing on Saturday? Is that a euphemism? What am I getting myself into agreeing to meet with you? shock


(are you watching the duchess in hull?)

madmuggle Mon 19-May-08 21:19:58

The annual cheese-fest that is Eurovision. Alcohol, delivered food pizza, friend/s and a very complicated assessment and voting procedure which changes each year as I never remember to save the sheets

And no, I am not watching the Duchess, as I've got some snarky John Simm and Philip Glenister going on in the dvd player

I'll be starting the thread then will I? I don't need to look needy, I just amwink

madmuggle Mon 19-May-08 21:25:09

I appear to have accidentally started a thread.


fryalot Mon 19-May-08 21:35:00

ah, that kind of cheese.

We shall also be cheesing on Saturday night grin

off to look at your accidental thread...

madmuggle Mon 19-May-08 21:37:36

Wonder if I can get compensation for it? I need to fund my cinema trip next week as it's bound to involve a trip for a kebab afterwards

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