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madmuggle Wed 16-Apr-08 20:43:45

Does this seemingly elite and select (for those who can't read in 'madmuggle-o-vision' this is intense sarcasm ) group of us ever do the meet-up thing?

Indith Thu 17-Apr-08 20:51:01

They do, your best bet is to yell "Squonk" very loudly on the main meet up boards.

And while you're at it tell her I'm holding her to a picnic in June.

madmuggle Sat 19-Apr-08 22:47:34

I could just yess "Squonk!" loudly in the centre of the city yesno?

Picnic, in June? In Hull? Do you think the green areas will have dried out by then?

Indith Sun 20-Apr-08 17:56:00

Well it might work, she did threaten to yell "norks" outside my wedding lst time I spoke to her.........

I'm pretty sure my dad's allotment has dried out so we should manage a picnic. I just asked for one because last time involved alcohol (I missed it due to my gran going into hospital last minute) but I'm incubating again now so cake seems like a much better idea than alcohol!

madmuggle Sun 20-Apr-08 23:24:33

Norks, a variation on 'bogies' for the mums? I'm liking it

SquonkTheBeerGuru Mon 28-Apr-08 15:13:47

meet up?


I'm there

(hello, madmuggle, I'm squonk, pleased to meet you)

WingsofanAngel Wed 30-Apr-08 15:07:33

So when and where will the meet up take place ?

SquonkTheBeerGuru Thu 01-May-08 09:32:09

how about East Park?

would everyone prefer a weekend or mid-week? school holidays or term-time?

I'm fairly easy, but would rather it wasn't a Wednesday.

If anyone's got any better ideas, feel free to share, I don't know Hull that well, I live in one of the villages, so I'm not in the city centre...

WingsofanAngel Thu 01-May-08 11:20:18

East park fine by me. My 2 ds's are at school full time.

SquonkTheBeerGuru Thu 01-May-08 11:35:30

so a weekend or school hols then?

SquonkTheBeerGuru Thu 01-May-08 11:35:47

(unless, of course, we forget about the kids and go for a beer instead wink)

WingsofanAngel Thu 01-May-08 14:19:29

School holidays
But I'm up for a beer. grin
Is anyone else interested ?

SquonkTheBeerGuru Thu 01-May-08 14:54:05

you could start a thread in "meet ups" and see what interest you get.

I suspect that J20 may well come - I have her number so will text her.

When did you have in mind? Perhaps we should meet up in the pub in order to arrange a meet up for the kids in the school hols? Makes sense, doesn't it? wink

Saturday nights are slightly more awkward for me than other nights, but now dd1 is old enough to babysit my littlies, I can make any night really.

So just tell me where and when and I'll be there.

WingsofanAngel Thu 01-May-08 20:20:59

Can't say I've been in many pubs recently. Weekends are out for me. I like to be with Dh and the boys.
So if anyone has any suggestions.

SquonkTheBeerGuru Fri 02-May-08 14:50:38

I'm easy really.

You pick a time and a date, then we can figure out where we're going to go.

madmuggle Sat 17-May-08 22:18:39

I lost this thread, how silly of me

fryalot Sun 18-May-08 17:03:50

well now you've found it again.

(I have added it to my watch list, and check it every so often. That way I may mislay it, but won't actually lose it wink)

madmuggle Sun 18-May-08 17:06:15

I'm notoriously 'good' at losing things

<goes to see how this saving to watch list thingie works>

fryalot Mon 19-May-08 07:21:00

<<<checks to see if madmuggle is "watching">>>


madmuggle Mon 19-May-08 07:26:21

I am!

Haha! wink

*wanders off to drag the kids out of bed*

fryalot Mon 19-May-08 07:37:32

wow! you bloody well are, aren't you!


madmuggle Mon 19-May-08 13:17:59

Damned right I am!

fryalot Mon 19-May-08 17:09:25

but where were you between 7.37 and 13.17?

eh? eh?

call yourself a watcher!


oh pick a date for a piss up calm and sensible couple of glasses of mineral water will ye?

madmuggle Mon 19-May-08 17:48:27

I'm a lazy slattern part-timer

When's good for everyone, 'tis whit week next week. It has park potential for the daytime. Evenings require planning as there's squashers to be organised

fryalot Mon 19-May-08 18:50:29

I'm away next week

For the whole of the school holiday.

an evening in the pub a meet up without the children is much easier for me at the moment.


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