Would you buy a house on the Longhill Estate or not?

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fryalot Sun 06-Apr-08 16:47:31

dp is on his annual "let's buy a house" campaign and we've looked at one that we both like, but all we know about the Longhill Estate is what Peter Levy says about youths and hoodies, stoning firefighters and druggies, and general "for gods sake don't go there!!!"-ness

So, would you move there? It looked ok

WingsofanAngel Mon 07-Apr-08 21:00:26

Depends were abouts, but no I wouldn't go there and I live on another East Hull Estate.

VeraSquonkTheBeerGuru Wed 09-Apr-08 20:27:14

Thank you. Dp spoke to some chaps at work and I think they said pretty much the same thing. We'll stick where we are for now, I think.

madmuggle Wed 16-Apr-08 20:41:47

Excellent sense there, you must have rubbed off on your husband, as not many Hull blokes have that much sense of their own

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