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fryalot Fri 08-Jun-07 20:36:13

just wanted to be the first to say hi.

llcoolk Tue 12-Jun-07 13:02:16

Hiya, I saw your thread - is that the word? Don't know the jargon yet and thought you might be in Hull. I've only got access to a PC at work and can't leave it on internet all day so replies to anyone might be a bit sporadic! It's not that I'm ignoring anyone, honest!

fryalot Thu 14-Jun-07 17:58:38

hello - just checked out your profile - you like the same books as me! welcome

claire2510 Thu 14-Jun-07 23:25:57

hi all just wanted to say hi and say feel free to moan share the good and bad times with me. cos were all in this together....well into motherhood anyway!!!!

fryalot Fri 15-Jun-07 18:31:47

your little boy's a right smiler, isn't he, claire2510?

fryalot Sun 17-Jun-07 16:23:53

can everyone look here please?


fryalot Tue 26-Jun-07 22:55:31

Is everyone ok? anyone flooded?

we're a bit out of the worst of the weather, but the roads are all closed, so can't really get anywhere

llcoolk Tue 03-Jul-07 15:03:11

Hi not been on for a bit cos of the flooding! I'm ok at home, not even a puddle but my daughter's school is closed until probably October as it's so bad. Fortunately I've got a great family network and we're coping with childcare at the minute (can't rely on her dad for any help!) but not sure how we're going to cope till October! What a nightmare. My God just checked, I haven't been on the website since beginning of June? No way! How did that happen?!!!!! Sorry wasn't ignoring you squonk!

fryalot Tue 03-Jul-07 20:04:18

hi llcoolk - don't worry, I didn't think you were ignoring us.

Sometimes people do have a real life, even if I don't

Glad your house is ok and free from flooding. Pity about dd's school.

I'ts been blardy awful. There was a bloke from the council on Look North tonight saying that Hull is the forgotten city and if 12000 homes were flooded anywhere else in the country, it would be a national emergency!

anyway, nice to catch up with you

KaySamuels Tue 03-Jul-07 20:10:04


Hope everyone is ok.
Was thinking about what I'm going to do in the summer hols today and wondered if anyone would be up for a picnic meet up at East Park one day?? Sunshine permitting obviously!
Sorry I missed night out meet up, was gutted I couldn't come!

fryalot Tue 03-Jul-07 20:10:58

definitely count me in, KS

you coming on the great Yorkshire meet up?

KaySamuels Tue 03-Jul-07 20:12:23

do us a link, ds keeps pulling me off my computer chiar so I feel my time on here is limited for this evening!


fryalot Tue 03-Jul-07 20:13:43

there is a thread about a Hull evening meet up here

and the Yorkshire meet up thread is here

I'm hoping to go on both of them, and it would be fab if you can come too

KaySamuels Tue 03-Jul-07 20:57:51

Well I will admit to being too impatient to read the huge yorkshire thread - is there a date time and location set yet?
Should be able to go as long as it is accessible by public transport.

As for evening meet, due to dp's shift patterns there are two weeks out of four when I could go. So will hve to check calendar tomoorow and let you know what weeks I can go.

llcoolk Thu 05-Jul-07 14:44:55

Hi managed to get on my PC at work (it's the only PC access I have). I won't have one at home as spend all day virtually every day on one at work so sick of the sight of them by 5pm!

I'd love to meet up with any other mums in the area either day or night out. KS I don't live far from East Park and spend quite a bit of time there with my daughter so it would be good to organise a play meet with the little horrors!!! Run them ragged for a few hours!

School still closed but all the kids are being sent to Hull University for a few weeks! I always said she was a genius but didn't realise she's be at uni by 5 years old!!!!

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