swimming for 2yo. where to go?

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kelloo1 Sun 31-Jul-11 19:31:49

Hi, was just wondering if any one knows of any good places to take my 2yo boy swimmimg? He has never been before, I can't really swim myself which is why I have never taken him. I live west hull, albert ave baths are nearest for me, just wondered what their kids sessions were like?

WhoWhoWhoWho Wed 17-Aug-11 19:25:09

Just seen this message whilst looking in local section.

If you aren't confident in the water, and with your DS being young, I'd recommend woodford. The pool starts shallow and gets deeper, bit like the seafront. I take my DS here sometimes and see lots of mums there with toddlers paddling around in the shallow waters. smile I see your west Hull but worth a trip to see what you think of it maybe?

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