Thinking of moving to Tunbridge Wells - any advice on areas, schools?

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midnightexpress Fri 11-Jun-10 21:29:10

Hi - we're thinking of relocating from Scotland to TW, because of work. We are both from the SE but don't really know the TW area. Does anyone have any advice about nice areas, both in TW itself and in surrounding villages? We have two pre-schoolers, one of whom is due to start school in Sept (Aug up here, so he might get a head start!), so primary schools are also a consideration. DP will be commuting into London so we'd like to be within striking distance of a station.


fulltimeworkingmumtoone Wed 27-Jun-12 18:13:30

We have just moved from St Albans to TW and moved to Southborough/St Johns side and am happy with the area so far. Whilst I first wondered about the shabby appearance of some of the shops along the London Rd in Southborough, I've come to realise that those shops are very convenient!

Husband commutes into London from HB, he gets a seat each day on a train around 8am (8.04?) and more often than not gets a seat on a train before 8am (depending on where he stands on the platform!) I commuted for a coupl e of months after we first moved and always had a seat on a train around 7.30ish, and if I didn't have a seat, the school kids all got off at Tonbridge (the next station) and I had a seat for the rest of the journey.

PeaceForAll Fri 06-Jul-12 11:31:28

We moved to Sherwood road from London 4yrs ago and we think its a very good place to live I really dont undertsand why people think the way they do about Sherwood rd. A lot of people said negative things about Sherwood when we made the decision to move here but the fact is that none of them had ever lived in the area so they themselves had no clue of how good sherwood actually is. Sherwood just has a bad name but it worked in our favour as we got good value for our money when we bought the house. I would highly reccomend all area of Tunbridge Wells. Me and my life travel for work to London everyday and we always get seats on the train and free parking outside High Brooms station.

mummystillme Wed 18-Jul-12 11:19:11

Have you thought about living in Tunbridge Wells and trying the village schools for spare places. I heard there are reception places still available at Fordcombe (west of Tunbridge Wells) for 2012 entry. Best of both worlds that way!

RubyMay30 Sat 01-Dec-12 18:43:17

Hi All

We are also one of the many people thinking of bringing the family to TW from London and would love some ideas on schools. We are looking at houses that I think would be st barnubus or St. John's anyone got any feedback on these schools and the catchment areas? Would be v v good to get some ideas as we need to make some decisions v quickly!

Ta x

ENWsixer Tue 08-Jan-13 17:14:49

Just a word of warning to anyone thinking of moving to the village area of Tunbridge Wells. The parking is an absolute nightmare. It will become the bane of your lives. You will be forced to park miles away. People move after a while because of it. It really is that bad.
And forget about trying to get your little ones into Claremont. Just forget it. No chance.
Nice area though.
That's it. You've been warned.

Katakus Sat 26-Jan-13 20:48:28

High Brooms is nice. Sherwood Estate is not in High Brooms. Make sure you are the on the Upper Gros Rd side of the railway track to avoid Sherwood school, but Sherwood school is being improved. Many High Brooms roads are in St John's school catchment, which is a good school. Commuted for years from High Brooms station and always got a seat. You probably won't get a big house or a drive as mostly Victoria semis or terraced but good if starting a family.

Twvillagemummy Sat 06-Apr-13 20:11:09

We live in the village area and love it, the parking is really not that bad and certainly no worse than London where most of us have moved from. The areas friendly, safe, the shopping is spot on and good restaurants a plenty.

Claremont school is very sought after and for good reason. Don't listen to the rumours about sibling places only. Simply not true we got our son in for 2013 intake and we don't have a sibling in the school nor do we live in the playing field.

Lu13 Tue 09-Apr-13 02:04:42

I not let rumour put you off applying for Claremont. Around 36 of the 60 places were taken by siblings for this years intake but those lucky enough to secure the remaining places were not as twvillagemummy has already said all living in the playing field. We have two children at school there and it really is fantastic so take a chance on applying smile

pollypink2014 Sun 31-Aug-14 19:27:12

Hi everyone I am considering moving to lakeside Tunbridge wells but from the information I have received on the area seems 2 have mixed views also found the same problem with the school could anyone please help as im one very confused mum

pollypink2014 Sun 31-Aug-14 19:34:08

Hi everyone ive just join god nose were my first message is as it I cant seem 2 find it lol, anyone I am considering moving 2 lakeside Tunbridge wells area but im finding it has mixed views having the same problem with the infants schools also any advice would b great as im one very confused mum right now, thks guy's

SallyGreenwood79 Wed 01-Jun-16 14:09:41

Just came across this thread so wanted to add my opinion smile

We moved from London to High Brooms just over a year ago. We are on a road off of Powder Mill (by the park). After being here a year, we can confidently say we couldn't be happier that we moved!

We decided to leave London as we wanted to be out of the city and also have good local schools for our children. My daughter is currently at St Mathews which is a great school and literally a minute walk from our home! My husband always gets a seat on the train and as the station is only a 5 minute walk from us, he doesn't need to worry about parking.

We were able to afford a lovely 3 bedroom property on the 'better' side of High Brooms which we couldn't have done so in the center of Tunbridge Wells! All in all, we think it's a great area!! smile

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