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Phoenix4725 Fri 01-Jan-10 08:52:13

can someone help please

Have been offered a swap for my house for one in ocelot court near Luton road end in chatham am orginally from kent but been some time .Reason for moving is a good school with language unit for Ds4.for primary and it seems medway towns has one of the few for secondry level to

Whats the area like is there things to do have ds15, ds13, dd7 and ds 4,good schools or ones to advoid

Also whats my chances once Dd is older of being offered a 4 bed ?.

would also need hspital with good children faclities ,speech,ot ,physio etc.

some people have told me not touch with barge pole others said Chatams ok so thought come ask people that really know

thank you

WoTmania Thu 25-Mar-10 19:41:18

Luton Arches end of Chatham, quite frankly, is a dive.
We moved 16 months ago but I go back there frequently for a BBF drop-in.
Sorry for my lack of enthusiasm.

Phoenix4725 Mon 29-Mar-10 15:14:09

Ty seems like I had lucky escape changed direction and moved to herts

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