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laraCA Fri 21-Aug-09 01:02:19

Hello Tunbridge Wells

Not sure if I’m posting this in the right section as I’ve only just joined!

The boxes are packed and we are moving this weekend (August 21st 09) to central Tunbridge wells (TW) from South East London, to the village area. We don't know a soul, leaving all my old school pals, old uni mates, and new NTC pals back in London (they’ve all promised to visit!)

We'd love to meet mums with children of similar ages. I have two girls 3 year old and a one year old (I'm 38 - when did that happen!). Let me know if the Tunbridge Wells local mums net are planning anything soon and any suggestions for the next few weeks of summer hols would also be much appreciated?


foofi Fri 21-Aug-09 07:39:24

Hi Lara

I'm in TW but my dcs are much older than yours. I'm sure you'll soon hear from people about toddler groups etc - there's lots to do around here. If you ever feel like a night out without kids let me know.

Good luck with the move.

laraCA Fri 21-Aug-09 21:55:32

Thanks for that, it's very kind offer and am sure to take you up on night out in coming weeks.

We've just picked up keys for our new pad, and needed food for little ones fast, ended up taking the kids for dinner in Carluccios! Am going to love Tunb Wells, the staff, and more importantly the customers (well it was only 5pm and very quiet!) didn't bat an eyebrow when my two sweet chocolate faced monsters decided to wrecking the place. They were well equipped, toys for the children and plenty of wine for mummy, looking forward to moving in property tomorrow.

Roll on Tunbridge Wells, good bye London!


NatKat Sun 23-Aug-09 21:21:42

Woo hoo, you have to love Carluccios! We are moving to TW in Sept and I can't wait. We are living in Maidstone at the moment but lived in London for years before that. We were in East Dulwich mostly before moving out. I have two boys - DS1 is 3 years and DS2 is 5 months. I am 33 and ageing quickly due to lack of sleep.

AnaKi Thu 27-Aug-09 23:49:40

Hi laraCA,
I moved to TW almos 2 years ago and looove it! I have a 2.5yo girl and a 7mo old boy.
I would suggest going to the library going up the hill from Carluccios and pick up "The grapevine" magazine, has lots of info about toddlers' groups etc.
Most are still closed for the school holidays but will re open in the next couple weeks.
Let us know when you are ready to explore TW and we could meet up in some of the groups.

lachi Sun 11-Oct-09 09:54:53

Hi Lara
We moved to TW on the same day as you did - also from London but southwest. We also know NOBODY and feeling v far away from friends in SW11.
Have a 10month old boy and would love to meet up with you for a coffee - am around Tuesday, weds, Thurs anytime-ish.

Clairchen Thu 29-Oct-09 13:10:25


We moved to TW from SE London in July 2008 and haven't regretted it

No children yet, but expecting first in April 2010.


melimummy Thu 29-Oct-09 15:46:02

Hello , We have only moved to TW, and I have a new baby ( 1 week old). I hope someone can help me. I'd like to get some clay foot/handprints done or casts of hands/feet - but I don't know the area. Where could I get this done?


Fluffymelon Sun 01-Nov-09 18:46:08

There was an advert for the clay footprints locally in the Grapevine but I personally prefer the look of the 'Imprints' ones from John Lewis. I am struggling to get to Bluewater though and would also love to hear of anywhere else locally that does the footprints as I need to capture these before my eight week olds feet and hands get any bigger!

MamaLazarou Mon 09-Nov-09 09:52:51


I moved from SE london to Sevenoaks last month. I'm 29 wks pregnant with my first child and don't know anyone.

There is a ceramic painting place down the road from here that does hand/foot prints:

Not sure if that is of any use to you!

lachi Thu 12-Nov-09 14:42:39

Sounds like TW is teeming with new/expecting parents who know no one. Am starting to go to baby groups with my nearly 1yo ds but still feeling like the new girl at school. Dont know anywhere that does hand/foot prints. Wondering if it is worth organising a 'new to TW' get-together....anyone up for it??

Cakes76 Fri 13-Nov-09 16:04:25

MamaLazarou - I'm nearly 20 weeks pregnant and moved to the Sevenoaks area a year ago from London. It would be good to get together sometime!

richmondlass Mon 23-Nov-09 19:58:48

Hi all got an offer on my house today and am planning on moving to Crowborough which isn't far from TW! Am 22 weeks pregnant so would be very interested in any TW meet ups, advice, info on nurseries, schools etc near or in Crowborough. Also I understand C'br is in catchment area for TW?


LadyMaMa1 Sat 28-Nov-09 23:09:14

Hi all I'm new here! I live locally and have a 2yr old, I had some gorgeous prints done on ceramics at glaisy daisys in t wells. They do group bookings and I'm going to go back for gifts for the grandparents! If anyone is interested let me know asap and I'll try organise a group session- best on a Friday in non school hours x

MonkeysMom06 Mon 30-Nov-09 21:26:40

hi hi. We moved to TW in May and still hardly know anyone sad I have 2 girls - 3 and 1. Am finding it very hard to meet other moms as everyone seems to already have their friends (and I left all mine behind in SW London and South Africa!sad )
I regularly go to St Johns playgroup with DD2 (when DD1 is in nursery) and its great - lovely moms (tho prefer the baby room upstairs as its quieter and moms have more time to chat to you ...rather than running after toddlers!)- Tues morning at 10:30. I also take the girls to Davey Driver and the Rythm Express once a week which is fantastic and girls both love it! But thats about all I can contribute (apart from knowing Dunorlan Park, Hilbert Rec, Our Space and Minor Mania like the back of my hands).

Is there anything else going on that we could maybe join or anyone wanting to meet up?

MamaLazarou Tue 01-Dec-09 08:53:43

That would be lovely, Anjali. Is it OK to exchange email addresses on here? Yes, please to a meet-up, lachi - I have just started my maternity leave (early) so am free most of the time!

Cakes76 Fri 04-Dec-09 10:45:55

I work from home, so am also free most days. There is a Sevenoaks coffee morning for mums and mums-to-be at the Stag Theatre at 10:30 on Monday 14th Dec. It would be great to see you there! My email address is

MamaLazarou Mon 07-Dec-09 07:38:56

Thanks so much - have dropped you an email.

jessparkin Mon 04-Jan-10 14:29:36

I am another one - moved here in October - don't really know too many people and expecting first baby in 10 days! Would love to mmeet up with anyone!

Avoidingthehousework Mon 11-Jan-10 12:57:00

Hi! I'm in T.wells too and have just joined Mumsnet!
I haven't recently moved here from London like everyone else seems to have, but I did study there if that can count!! . I have a 7 month old baby and would love to meet more friends with similar age children. I have lots of 'mummy' friends, but they all seem to have 7-8yr old children.
I can normally be spotted chasing my dogs around the pond in Dunorlan park (my black lab was barred last year for refusing to get out of the middle of the lake, but we have managed to keep a low profile and haven't been kicked out since!). I love coffee drinking anywhere in Twells - actually wine is better but doesn't seem to mix so well with being a responsible mummy! I never really relsihed the thought of fighting through the crowds in Victoria place before having a baby and sadly dislike it even more now I have my 3 wheeler (which is great round the park, but not so good in the shops (or maybe its my push chair driving that is at fault!) as I seem to be too good at wiping out unsuspecting shopper's ankles who get in my way!
When I am not running round the park (obviously not by choice) I go 'baby' swimming (no fear of burning an calories whilst sitting in the pool chatting) most weeks with my friend who also has a 6mth old at the pool on St Johns road (we have tested the pools at the sports centres in Crow, Jarvis Brook and Uckfield, but think T.wells, whilst not the prettiest is the best.
So anyway, if anyone wants to drink coffee/vino, eat lunch, walk dogs, swim, but probably not shop too much then let me know!

RMCS Wed 13-Jan-10 00:24:59

Hi Im new to TW as well, with our 9.5 months old son, and would love to meet up other mums, new or not new to TW. Nolan needs to meet up other kids as well, he is growing fast and i think getting bored of me

So i hope someone can suggest a meet up or something like a play area etc.

RMCS Wed 13-Jan-10 00:32:45

i see you are in similar shoes as loads of other mummys. I dont know the area well, was looking into this st johns playgroup but havent been there yet, i would love to meet up, although Nolan is only 9.5 months old, but would be nice to go to parks together with other mums and kids than just alone.

I have left all my friends in Hungary and loads from here are back to SA or other parts of the world. Most of my new mum buddies live in North from London.. endless list no one around here.
Where are you from SA? my mother in law is from SA she just spent the last 2 weeks with us, got stuck here from Gravesend as the snow got in our way and she couldnt go back.
anyway , anyone for a meet up , would be very nice.


RMCS Wed 13-Jan-10 00:42:33

I would love to join baby swim and parks and etc except shopping.
we live right by the victoria place and can get a bit boring pushing through , Noli hates the shops and mostly me too.
Im just looking for baby swimming, even though im 15 kgs more than before and would be a bit afraid to show off my nice shiny new white ham legs and rolls of fat tummy and the rest, well Noli loves water and thinks the bathroom is a big swimming pool where he can splash about just for fun.
so i woul join baby swimming as well and anything coffes , well wine as well if i wasnt breastfeeding, but can take an orange juice..
so im here and new and i seem to be writing to everyone and trying very hard to find a new friend here

my email is
im not sure if i can give it to anyone here, but well.

also would go up to Sevenoaks, its a lovely place, thats where we wanted to move as hubby is commuting to London, but couldnt find a nice house in our range. im not working for a while..
Just been to Knole park and its incredible even in freezing cold.

designpro Thu 18-Feb-10 21:13:08

Hi Avoidingthehousework, I had to giggle at your posting about your dog refusing to get out of the pond! So funny.
I have an 8 month old baby girl and we have just moved back to T.Wells since living in France for a couple of years.
We would love to come baby swimming at St Johns sometime, when is good to go?
We also walk our doggie but mostly round St James park as Dunorlan is a wee bit far although Cass the dog wouldn't think that I'm sure! Maybe we will try and get up there a bit more often.
We'll look out for you in the park when were there anyway!
Emily, Lily-anna and Cass

GabrieleJ Thu 04-Mar-10 17:08:49

I just joined mumsnet and moved to TW few months ago. I have a three year old daughter and don't know anyone only my hubby's family cos they all live round here, but think had enough time bonding with my mother in law would love to meet up with anyone, love to have an adult conversation every now and then...

MonkeysMom06 wanted to ask you where's that St. Johns play group and what times it's opened cos I live just off St. Johns road. My little one doesn't go tu nursery cos i work from home and she's desperate to make some friend. Would be lovely to have a 3rd birthday party with few toddler friends in May

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