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Eddas Fri 06-Mar-09 11:05:27

Hello fellow Maidstoner's!

I think I may be here alone atm, but hopefully a few of you will find me.

Please list any events, places to visit etc etc so that we can all share our experiences of Maidstone

Hopefully we'll be able to arrange some meetups and things now the weather is getting better, well maybehmm

Hope to speak soon x

Wisknit Sun 29-Mar-09 12:15:40

I found it eventually!
There's always mote park i suppose....

Eddas Mon 11-May-09 17:27:33

hi wisknit, sorry I haven't been around for a whileblush

Mote Park is always very busy when I go there so I tend to steer clear on weekends. We went yesterday and the queue for an ice cream was madness!

Have you been on the train there though, we took ds for the first time on sun and he was a bit hmm about the whole thing, but I think 2yo's are mainlyhmm grin

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