needed: advice on ballet classes in tunbridge wells

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gingernutlover Mon 07-Jul-08 21:16:34

i am looing for a dance school for my nearly 3 y o dd to start lessons in sept, any recommendations.

she is going for a trial session with southborough school of dance on sat but apart from that i've just spoken to teachers

Tas1 Tue 08-Jul-08 10:05:36

Hi, My DD goes to Associates at West Kent College in Tonbridge. The baby ballet class is on a Saturday morning. Classes cost around £20 per term.
They also teach Tap, Jazz, Contempory, Modern etc.
Hope this helps.

gingernutlover Sat 12-Jul-08 18:46:06

thanks thats great, how old is your dd?

i took dd to a trial at another dance school this morning and having been told it was the baby class she was trialling, it turned out to be full of 5 and 6 year olds which scared her silly as they were all a head above her and she wouldnt join in until the very very end when they were finishing. She wants to dance and keeps asking to go dancing but i would like to find somehwhere where baby ballet means 3 and 4 year olds, not school children

Tas1 Sun 03-Aug-08 18:38:22

My DD started in the baby class when she was 3.5. She then went up to pre-school class at the age of 4 and she is now in Primary ballet at the age of 5. she has also just started Tap & Modern.

ShrinkingViolet Tue 05-Aug-08 09:22:46

is Brasted too far for you? I know a fantastic dance school there (Saturdays, little ones first thing in the morning).

gingernutlover Tue 05-Aug-08 19:17:26

hi yeah, its about a 40 min drive lol so probably a bit much for baby ballet

i have found one on a sat very near me, walkable if required

but the lqady is absolutely useless at returning my calls - dont like to pester too much incase she is on holiday or has a family issue or somthing but i have hestely left 3 messages over 3 weeks, 2 of them with her hiusband and she just doesnt return my calls

maybe this is a sign, pity tho as the class is close and at a good time and reasonable too

wifeinthesouth Tue 05-Aug-08 23:37:32

hi my girls go to Kickz Danceworks and the teacher Sarah Haffenden is one of those rare people who is definately doing the right job she is fantastic. we go in benenden but she does classes all over this area

gingernutlover Wed 06-Aug-08 11:05:56

thanks wifeinthesouth i will look into that

am pretty annoyed at the other lady not getting abck to me, but she did sound lovely on the phone and dont want to jump to conclusions so i will give her till next week to return my calls and then look elsewhere

gingernutlover Tue 12-Aug-08 16:40:44

have booked her a trial serssion with kickz

its in the town centre in t wells so ideal for combining with a bit of shopping once she has settled in

thanks for the tip, the lady sarah haffenden did sound really lovely and answered all the questions i had before i had even asked them [happy] so feel relieved to havce sorted it for dd who seems to be dnacing mad at the moment

this only thing i forgot to ask is the ages of the children in the class, any idea of this wifeinthesouth?

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