Hi all you Medway lot!

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RGPargy Sat 30-Jun-07 20:27:12


Just thought i would make a post in the Medway local section to say hello.

I'm currently living in Rochester and have lived in the area all my life.

What about you?

crowcorner Wed 03-Mar-10 14:43:24

Hi Ladies

I am the local Buggyfit Trainer for Medway. I am offers mumsnet users first class free if you would like to try it. You can call on 07766012584 or email crowcorner@yahoo.co.uk

Classes are at The Strand, Gillingham and Rochester Castle Gardens.

What is Buggyfit?

Buggyfit is a postnatal exercise system designed to promote a sense of well being in new mums. It is mums walking with buggies at a pace to raise their heart rates, whilst having the opportunity to socialise and still keep baby with them. It is a fantastic way to start exercising safely after childbirth.

Class Format

‘A walk in the Park’ – designed to increase cardio vascular fitness and build muscle tone. Class will last for 60 minutes.

1) Warm up 10 minutes

2) Cardio segment – walking / light jog depending on the fitness of mums. Maintaining heart rate at 60 – 70% of Maximum.

3) Strength training – Various stops during the walk to carry out exercises such as lunges / squats / and work with the resistance tubes.

4) Cool Down and Abdominal work. Including stretching to minimise injury

tb73 Sat 26-Apr-08 16:05:39

I am free Weds and Thurs next week - where is Kids Zone? Is it an indoor playground?

I live about a 5 min drive from Leeds Castle, which is great, it's a lovely place to take children. Tickets can be used all year now so it works out very reasonable if you visit often (we do). There are two brilliant plagrounds there, one for LO's and one for BO's.

Where do you live in Maidstone?

liahgen Fri 25-Apr-08 23:30:26

lol, where are you?

any time is good for us. We go to kids zone on a weds morn if you fancy it? Don't think you'd have to pay for lo.

Or somewhere for coffee? Good mornings for coffee are tues or fri so my 3 yr old is at playschool and doesn't get bored.

tb73 Fri 25-Apr-08 19:33:31

Hi Liahgen,

Sorry, have been off-line for a bit. Would love to meet for a coffee.

Send me a message or post on here and we'll arrange a date!

- I should have put a village on the outskirts of Maidstone.

liahgen Sun 20-Apr-08 00:00:11

maidstone... A village????

I live there too. smile got a dd 11 mths. Fancy meeting for a coffee?

tb73 Sat 19-Apr-08 00:22:53

Just wanted to introduce myself, I live in a village in Maidstone, 2 kids, ds 16 and dd nearly 9 months (not quite the biggest gap on here). DS always being mistaken for my bf if my husband's not with us (don't know whether to be flattered or outraged)!

Just wrestled ds off the PC to post a quick
H E L L O !!!

dylsmum1998 Mon 07-Apr-08 21:55:21

ah brill thanks for that cheeky monkey. will book that after my holiday sounds good

rgpargy hope you are good and babes still sleeping well. we are back to normal now, off on holiday next week, but will def have to sort out meeting up when i get back

RGPargy Wed 02-Apr-08 15:00:45

Nice one cheeky monkey! wink

CheekyMonkey08 Wed 02-Apr-08 11:55:22

Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know that the NCT (National Childbirth Trust) is holding an event at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Hythe Kent on Sun 11 May. It aimed at parents and children 0-5 with a ball pit, storytelling, face painting, singing and sign activities, monkey music, outdoor games etc, really a great event to meet new mums and have fun. More info is on www.nct.org.uk/cheekymonkeys. grin

RGPargy Fri 28-Mar-08 23:45:10

Poor little mite! Hope she has a better night tonight!! Dont worry, I'm sure DD wont sleep like that forever. I'll be back moaning about how tired i am very soon, no doubt!

dylsmum1998 Fri 28-Mar-08 12:36:34

it was not a good night for poor little thing, she's never been iin that much pain with her teeth, horrible to see. i knocked her out with medised to help. she is much better this morning she slept in late this morning, and when we got back from school i had a look and then offending tooth has peirced the skin so hopefully it won't cause her so much pain now.
am dreading the other 3 coming through now!

glad your little one is sleeping well. I'm envy of how well she slept last night smile

RGPargy Fri 28-Mar-08 09:24:42

Poor thing!! sounds like she was having a tough time. How is she now?

I had another good night's sleep. DD slept from 9pm til 4.30am! She had a little feed then went back to sleep til 7am. Brilliant!

dylsmum1998 Fri 28-Mar-08 07:32:28

oh dear dd is cutting her canine teeth. she's never been one for complaining when she teeths just tends to sit up playing with me all night. last night was so different poor baby. she was hitting her face and holdng her mouth with that much pain. so we not had much sleep here last night. sad
hope everyone else got more sleep.
we are going to London on Saturday to the museum of childhood, partly for the dc and partly for getting some ideas for one of my assignments i need to rite over th eeaster hols? anyone else got any plans?

RGPargy Thu 27-Mar-08 22:28:27

Shrinking - Hope you get some decent sleep too. DD is also one for staying up for 1.5 hours at stupid o'clock. It just makes you want to cry doesn't it! lol

RGPargy Thu 27-Mar-08 22:23:59

Hi everyone and welcome Shrinkingsagpuss!

Dylsmum - glad DD is getting the hang of it - what a clever girl!

Thankfully DD is sleeping better now. Last night i had a great night's sleep, all thanx to swaddling. Lately she's been clawing at her face when she's tired and quite often does it in her cot, which pulls her dummy out and wakes her up. Last night i swaddled her and hey presto! She slept really well (and so did i!). Dont know why i didn't think of it sooner - d'oh!! Still no teeth yet tho. hmm

What are you all up to this weekend? Anything nice?

shrinkingsagpuss Thu 27-Mar-08 19:45:18

God, i can sympathise with the sleep thing - DD is nealry 8 months old and hs only gone through 6 times, never 2 nights in a row. Sometimes she's up for 1.5 hours refusing to go back to sleep in her cot. i nealry smothered her when at my Mums over Easter, its driving me mad.

dylsmum1998 Thu 27-Mar-08 18:48:24

we're all better now and potty training is going great- she's a clever girl my dd.

RGPARGY hows your lo? sleeping any better yet?

SHRINKINGSAGPUSS Hello <<waves hi>>

shrinkingsagpuss Wed 26-Mar-08 19:48:04

Hello, just found the local bit - i am in maidstone.
Not much to say right now, but just realised I am starving hungry, so off to cook tea.

RGPargy Wed 19-Mar-08 17:49:02

I wouldn't say she was either really, more of a grumbler, but grumbles enough to let you know she's far from happy lol. She was a good girl last night and let me have 5 hours sleep on the trot! Woohoo!!

dylsmum1998 Wed 19-Mar-08 11:26:41

is your dd a howler when up all night, or is she a happy chappy who just wants to chat and play?
either way its exhausting, I 've been lucky in that when mine are awake with teeth they just want to chat and read books all night. just remind myself it could be a whole lot worse.......
hope she gets her teeth quickly so you get some sleep

RGPargy Tue 18-Mar-08 22:09:44

Glad DD is feeling better. My DD on the other hand has been a little tyke the last few nights!! Oh well, it wont last forever.... hmm

dylsmum1998 Tue 18-Mar-08 21:54:07

we went to out of hours docs with dd. said its a bug thats hit her bad. just to keep trying to make her drink, nothing else they can do. then she wakes up this morning feeling a lot better. not herself still but better than she has been. so hopefully she's finally on the mend.
hope your little one doesnt have too much trouble with her teeth, its not fun is it?

RGPargy Mon 17-Mar-08 14:40:43

I've been up half the night with DD due to her teeth - either that or she was just being a complete pain lol.

Sorry to hear your DD isn't well. How worrying for you. Hope you get it sorted tonight.

dylsmum1998 Mon 17-Mar-08 14:12:52

hope lo teeth come through no probs for you.
my ds is better now, but dd seems to be getting worse and stupid docs wont give us n appoinment, gonna take her to out of hours tonight cos she not goodsad

RGPargy Sat 15-Mar-08 23:31:34


Hope your DCs are feeling better now, poor things. You deffo should strike while the iron's hot with DD and her potty training!

All is well this end, DD is teething now, but not kicking up too much of a fuss about it just yet.

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