Hi all you Medway lot!

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RGPargy Sat 30-Jun-07 20:27:12


Just thought i would make a post in the Medway local section to say hello.

I'm currently living in Rochester and have lived in the area all my life.

What about you?

liahgen Wed 20-Feb-08 21:20:57

Dylsmum, you are most definately not deluded. I love having a large family. (eldest dd has just stomped off to bed stating, "bet you haven't even got me a birthday present yet!!", b/day is 4th March. hmm

Is your boy football mad like mine? He discovered it couple years ago, andnow it takes up the whole weekend mornings, dh coaches the team aswell so its muddy boots all round.

I would love one more baby, but we swing from .. Wouldn't it be nice to have some life back, to NO BLOODY WAY, we can't control the kids we've got, to looking at them and saying, oh look at them, lets have loads.
We were at Kids zone today near Rochester, anyone know it/been there?

RGPargy Wed 20-Feb-08 22:24:04

liahgen - I agree that 10 weeks - actually scrap that, DD is 11 weeks today - is a great age! I'm really enjoying her and love every minute i spend with her. I dont seem to remember feeling this loved up with DS all those years ago, but that could be coz he was my first and i didn't really know what to do etc hmm 9 months is a great age too tho, isn't it? If i remember correctly, that's when the fun starts and the serious play begins!

Cant wait to have my next one, but we're not going to start trying til at least the end of the year.

I'm up for meeting up too. Love meeting new people so i reckon we should go for it!

Not sure where Kids Zone is - unless it's the place attached to the Fitness Centre on Rochester Maidstone Road? If so, I live a stone's throw away from there.

dylsmum1998 Wed 20-Feb-08 22:43:53

thats the one rgpargy
i know it well i live the other end of the very long maidstone rd to get there. its good there i love joining in chasing them around
my ds likes to watch football having to very unathletic parents seem to have rubbed off tho- and actually dd gets very excited to so much so i was channel hopping she cried when i changed channel had massive tantrum so i let her watch.
must confess i can not stand it so was being very good letting her watch lol

RGPargy Wed 20-Feb-08 23:08:52

Ah cool, so we are around the corner from each other then because i'm just at Toys R Us, near the Tiger Moth.

I hate watching footie on the telly unless it's the world cup and then i actually get right into it!

dylsmum1998 Wed 20-Feb-08 23:25:27

ooh we love the tiger moth!! yum yum lol
we probably passed each other and not realised lol

liahgen Wed 20-Feb-08 23:30:13

well there we have a meeting venue then ladies, We go every weds if we can.

Defo footie widows, sat and suns.
Off bed now, night all.

RGPargy Thu 21-Feb-08 10:57:43

dylsmum - yes we probably have! We're in there quite a bit having a munch and a glass of vino or two, while DD is zonked out in her pushchair (hooray!). Have you tried the tear and share garlic bread? It's absolutely HEAVENLY!!!! lol!!

Liahgen - What's the cost of Kids Zone and what time do you normally go? I normally meet up with other mums on a Wednesday so i'm not usually around between 10.30 and 1.30.

liahgen Thu 21-Feb-08 11:29:08

morning all,

Kids zone is £3.50 per over 2, unders are free so long as ther eis an over in the group, iyswim

We normally go bout half 11, then stay for lunch, then have to get back here for 3 for school.

Don't mind which day, we have playschool Monday and fridays so any other time, (that'll be a tues or thurs then..lol)

I am so pleased i swaw this thread, usually am found lurking in nappies, childbirth, /pregnancy, (i'm a Doula) buy, and sell, and media requests, (also a frustrated actress, )

Where do you guys hang out on here?

RGPargy Thu 21-Feb-08 11:36:38

lol I'd feel a bit of a twat going to Kids Zone with a baby coz i'll just be sitting there holding DD and doing nothing! wink

I normally hang out on the November 07 post natal thread, even tho DD was born in December lol. Plus i hang out in active convos so nowhere in particular really!

I'm all for lunch tho so maybe i can just come along for that instead? Any day is good for me, except Weds oh and actually i normally see MIL on Tuesday afternoons so it'll have to be a Thursday or i dont mind missing a Wednesday meet if all else fails.

dylsmum1998 Thu 21-Feb-08 17:32:36

thursday is good for me i have mon and thurs off uni. i don't tend to go in any specific threads lol i have a look and see what everywhere- nosey bugger i am lol
i love the tikka masala up at the tigermoth usually with a diet coke cos of driving but the big choc sundae thing is gorgeous for pudding( cant remember what its called)

RGPargy Thu 21-Feb-08 23:28:51

Haven't had the curry from the Tiger Moth yet. Tend to go for the chicken in garlic thing and i think you'll find the dessert is called a Chocolate Monster Sundae. Not that i know of course. Honest! blush

Name your day and we'll meet up! Should warn you tho that i am carless at present but have the use of DP's work van. HOwever he sometimes needs it himself so some days i'm mobile, some days i'm not, but i dont normally know until the day before so we could arrange something but i'll not know for deffo til the day before, if you see what i mean?

blobsmummy Mon 25-Feb-08 13:31:42

Hello all - have not had the pleasure of sampling the Tiger Moth, but you're making it sound very yummy! I'm up for meeting - I work Mon, Tues and Wed at the mo, but will be on maternity leave in a few weeks time. DH has the car most of the time aswell, but if I could always drop him off at work if we set a definite date to meet up.

I hang about on the 'Due in June 06' thread and 'Due in May 08 thread'!

Thankfully, DH hates football as much as I do - he's more of a rugby fan (which I don't mind watching as I quite like all those big muscly thighs!)

RGPargy Mon 25-Feb-08 20:27:59

Great stuff!! Thursday is looking favourable then isn't it!

So far we have:


Liahgen - can you make a Thursday?

The TigerMoth does 2 meals for a tenner all day during the week so that might be something to think about too.

What d'ya reckon?

liahgen Tue 26-Feb-08 08:38:42

yeah Thursday sounds good to me at this point. Would have a 2 yr old and 9mth would that be ok?

RGPargy Tue 26-Feb-08 09:08:21

Excellent! I say we make it next Thursday to give us plenty of time for everyone to reply etc - what do you reckon?

They dont have things to do as such for kids, but they do have kids menus and high chairs so you'll be fine bringing them. I'm bringing DD, 12 weeks.

liahgen Tue 26-Feb-08 13:59:34

ahhh, 12 wks, that seems so long ago. My little lady will be 10 mths next week. sad

RGPargy Tue 26-Feb-08 15:03:45

awww bless!! Time really flies, doesn't it?!!

dylsmum1998 Thu 13-Mar-08 11:55:00

hi hope everyone is ok,
not been about too much past couple of weeks had 2 very poorly childrensad
ds is back to school today, and dd is a bit better now, and decided while she was poorly she wanted to use potty, so getting on with that while she interested.
she will use the potty by herself and then bring it to me for her clap, as long as she is naked.
as soon as i put her knicks on things don't go quite so well, so think we need to fine tune the timing thing! lol

RGPargy Sat 15-Mar-08 23:31:34


Hope your DCs are feeling better now, poor things. You deffo should strike while the iron's hot with DD and her potty training!

All is well this end, DD is teething now, but not kicking up too much of a fuss about it just yet.

dylsmum1998 Mon 17-Mar-08 14:12:52

hope lo teeth come through no probs for you.
my ds is better now, but dd seems to be getting worse and stupid docs wont give us n appoinment, gonna take her to out of hours tonight cos she not goodsad

RGPargy Mon 17-Mar-08 14:40:43

I've been up half the night with DD due to her teeth - either that or she was just being a complete pain lol.

Sorry to hear your DD isn't well. How worrying for you. Hope you get it sorted tonight.

dylsmum1998 Tue 18-Mar-08 21:54:07

we went to out of hours docs with dd. said its a bug thats hit her bad. just to keep trying to make her drink, nothing else they can do. then she wakes up this morning feeling a lot better. not herself still but better than she has been. so hopefully she's finally on the mend.
hope your little one doesnt have too much trouble with her teeth, its not fun is it?

RGPargy Tue 18-Mar-08 22:09:44

Glad DD is feeling better. My DD on the other hand has been a little tyke the last few nights!! Oh well, it wont last forever.... hmm

dylsmum1998 Wed 19-Mar-08 11:26:41

is your dd a howler when up all night, or is she a happy chappy who just wants to chat and play?
either way its exhausting, I 've been lucky in that when mine are awake with teeth they just want to chat and read books all night. just remind myself it could be a whole lot worse.......
hope she gets her teeth quickly so you get some sleep

RGPargy Wed 19-Mar-08 17:49:02

I wouldn't say she was either really, more of a grumbler, but grumbles enough to let you know she's far from happy lol. She was a good girl last night and let me have 5 hours sleep on the trot! Woohoo!!

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