Teacher maternity

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Melie87 Sun 14-May-17 09:37:44

I'm due on 15th Oct 2017 with my first baby. I started a new school in Kent LA in September 2016, having previously been employed by Greenwich LA for 2 years. When I joined the new school my contract included the burgundy book, which mentions continuous employment as being employed by multiple LAs. However, I've just been given my maternity pack and it only mentions continuous service with Kent LA for a year 11weeks before my due date (I'll have only worked in the Kent LA for 6 weeks at this date).

Has anyone been in this situation? Can anyone give me some advice? The admin lady at school didn't seem worried when I brought it up, but I am starting to panic...

VerityLocalEdKent Sun 14-May-17 23:09:20


I can see how that would have come as shock! Are you a member of a teaching union? Your local rep should be able help out.

Hope you get things sorted soon!

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