Headcorn noise?

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StarTravels Tue 25-Apr-17 22:43:00

We are looking at properties in the Smarden / Swifts green area but we are a bit concerned about noise from the aerodrome. Can anyone living in these areas let me know how noisy it actually is? During the summer months is it all day every day? Is it too noisy to sit and chat in the garden for example?

misforme Sat 29-Apr-17 15:52:00

I have lived in that area for 2 years and find the noise a bit annoying if I am honest. It starts at about 9.30 and continues till about 7 - 8pm.
Weekends are worse and if it is a clear sunny day there is always more planes. On the other hand nights and early mornings are always peaceful.
Noise sensitivity is such a personal thing that I would recommend staying in a local B and B and see what you think. For example It doesn't bother my husband but I often wish it wasn't there.

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