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VerityLocalEdKent Wed 05-Apr-17 19:39:47

As surely everyone knows, the NHS is under strain. Doctors are now in the lead in service development but are hampered by financial constraints, and stretched because demand for service is rising; more people to treat and more things that can be treated.

To cope with the stains, while still aiming to improve services, local Clinical Commissioning Groups aim to relocate some services in the community provided by clusters of GP practices and to link up better with KCC-based social services. And there is likely to be some specialisation so all practices will not provide all services.

By a number of mechanisms, the voice of patients in this re-organisation is intended to be heard in the process of change. One mechanism is the provision of Patient Participation Groups (PPGs).
All Practices should have one. However, PPGs have a real problem because they have no easy way to contact patients who have a real interest in and experience of the NHS. This is particularly true of busy mothers and fathers.

Those of us involved in the Warders Medical Centre in Tonbridge would particularly appreciate the insight of mums and mums to be who have experience of NHS and/or social services, for themselves, their partners or for their children, and would like to be alerted to changes that are affecting or might affect those services, to get in touch by e-mail: wardersppg@gmail.com.

John Stevens, chair, Warders PPG

We will do all we can to keep e-mail addresses confidential and will not pass them on to other organisations. Please note that we cannot deal with individual complaints and other personal matters.

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