Moving to Goudhurst - help pleeeeease?!?

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Lauriepop Mon 03-Oct-16 16:49:23

Hi, praying there are some lovely people out there who might be able to give me some tips smile We are just about to confirm on a property in Goudhurst, and my first baby is due in January (so it's all a mad rush!) My partner works away from home a lot of the time (and I work FROM home most of the time) which means I'm terrified of being isolated with a new baby with no friends in a place I don't know, and going stark raving mad! I grew up in London and I've lived abroad for the last 10 years so I'm really excited to move to a small community and get involved, but at the same time I'm worried that I have an unrealistic and romantic idea of what it will be like, and I'm scared that I'll struggle to make friends! Does anyone live nearby and could you give me any tips or advice - is it a nice place to live? Are people friendly? Could I bribe you with coffee and biscuits (or wine and gin!) to be nice to me...? smile All thoughts very gratefully welcomed - I'm winding myself up into a bit of a panic about such a big step with a newborn and no support network.

abear Mon 03-Oct-16 18:09:06

I live very much in the centre of Goudhurst. I moved here eleven years ago from elsewhere in Britain and didn't know a sole. I have two older children but my youngest was born here. I have made wonderful friends through all sorts of things such as baby groups organised by the health visitors in Cranbrook after having a baby, the various baby groups that take place in the village hall, school and the pub.

I haven't felt lonely here, people have been very friendly and I expect you will meet locals and others new to the area in equal numbers.

If I can be any help do let me know but actually you may find it lives up to your romantic ideal in many ways. A lovely place to live and bring up children. Wishing you lots of luck!

Lauriepop Tue 04-Oct-16 06:19:10

You're so kind - thanks so much for the response. I've spent some time in the village and I have loved it, especially the church - someone told me they have 80 kids there at Sunday School, which is amazing! I'm really looking forward to moving - I just hope people are as friendly as you say smile

abear Tue 04-Oct-16 19:16:00

The church is definitely amazing. Every Friday it turns in to a Cafe Toddler and everyone is welcome. Coffee, tea, cake, lots of people with children of all ages including new born or none. The Christmas Eve Nativity complete with donkey and children acting out the story is wonderful too.

danielleLLH Wed 05-Oct-16 16:05:52

Welcome to the area! I have just moved too, about 10mins from Goudhurst, its a lovely village and you'll definately get to know people really quickly. I don't know many people either so am in the same boat (minus the soon to be newborn), hoping people will be nice too! :-)

Dunwhingin Thu 06-Oct-16 15:27:38

hello smile Goudhurst is wonderful, Cafe toddler is a great place to hang out & make friends - start going when you arrive dragging the bump and you will soon have a ready made team to support you smile
there is a lovely pre-school for when you get to that stage etc etc
I'll see if I can send you a direct message so you have my details, I live on Jarvis Lane, where are you moving to?
welcome, its a lovely place to live and given the Vine pub has a gin cocktail menu you are already a local smile

Lauriepop Sat 22-Oct-16 07:34:08

That's so great to hear - and I'm SO sorry I've been so rubbish at replying, I've been traveling for work the last few weeks and haven't figured out how to get mumsnet to send me email updates when people comment on a thread or send me messages, so I missed all of the lovely help! Thanks so much and I'm so reassured - the cafe toddler thing at the church sounds fantastic and I can't wait. We are just finalising the sale now so hope to be in before Christmas - baby is due Jan 4th so it's a mad, frantic rush! Hope to perhaps catch up with you guys for coffee at the church - DanielleLLH are you a soon-to-be new mum as well? We should definitely catch up and compare notes! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and once again, thanks for your help. Am really looking forward to moving now!

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