Moving home to T wells/the Weald from overseas

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haventgotabloodyclue Sun 31-Jul-16 20:28:38

Hello mumsnetters

I currently posted overseas with work and am hoping to move back to Kent when my contract finishes in 2019, with my husband and DC who will be starting school Sept 2019. We have a budget of around 600k (ideally less!) and are desperate to buy a family home after years of renting and living abroad. The areas that seem to be nice to live in, a reasonable commute from London (which I will do 3 days a week) and have good state primaries are: Langton Green, Speldhurst, Village area of t wells (probably out of budget), Goudhurst and Sissinghurst/Colliers Gteen areas. I would prefer to be near or in a town like T Wells but a village setting would be fine. Am I missing any amazing affordable places? The houses in Southborough look great but the primary school doesn't get such a write up. Obviously we will come back to the UK for a visit to look at areas and schools and houses. Are there any places that I am missing from our short list in the Tunbridge Wells / Weald area? My parents are in Sissinghurst and I don't want to be a million from them. Thanks.

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