Broadstairs - please let us your home for one week in August

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sisteroutlaw Mon 04-Jul-16 11:24:42

Hello - we're looking to let a whole house for a week in August, 13th to 20th, in Broadstairs within walking distance of the beach. You may already be going away and this could be a great way of making some money out of your empty home.
We're 3 mums with 6 children and 2 babies between us. Would require 9 beds/at least 3 bedrooms. A garden would be great as would a dishwasher.

About us: We're NCTers from the edges of London (Stratford/Forest Gate/Wanstead) in search of a seaside break. Two of our partners are working all summer. We've cooked up a plan to go away together.

Price negotiable - we'd pay the going rate based on similar properties for rent. We've found the week before or following available but not our desired week.

Please pm me if you're keen. Fingers crossed. Spread the word too! Many thanks

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