Recently arrived from Australia - choosing between Archbishops and Canterbury High

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KJfromoz Sat 11-Jun-16 14:56:12

We have recently arrived from Australia and my middle boy has been offered a place at both Canterbury High and Archbishops School starting year 7 in Sep. I am finding it very difficult to choose between them as most people seem very negative about Canterbury High. My eldest is there in year 9 as we had no other options when we arrived. He seems settled and happy but he has always been mature and sensible about his choice of friends so will be fine wherever he goes (I think?!) Anyone have children at either school? Our oldest has also been offered a place at Archbishops if he wants but refuses to change. We are not religious at all and really want the best educationally as well as a nice friendship group. Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

TheCommonWoMan Sat 11-Jun-16 15:02:47

No personal experience of either but knew lots of people who went to Archbishops and they couldn't have been happier with it. Normally it's pretty hard to get into, so you've beeen very lucky.

One small thing that could help is that if you do go for Archbishops, your DS will have friends spread all over East/Central Kent as it has a very wide catchment area. His social life might be easier at Canterbury High.

KJfromoz Sat 11-Jun-16 15:35:02

Thanks for that TheCommonWoMan. Hadn't thought of the traveling for friends. Could be annoying but pretty used to it from home!

Hakluyt Sat 11-Jun-16 18:00:51

Tricky- they are very different schools. I don't have a child at either, but my son has friends at both and my daughter did a while ago. My(completely uneducated view so please ignore) is that Archbishops is a bit dull- consistent, but dull- and religion does feature quite highly. Canterbury High has more of a buzz- the sport is very good,, but the results are very variable. I haven't helped, have I?

KJfromoz Sat 11-Jun-16 18:24:50

Actually you possibly have! The feeling I got is that Archibishops is a 'nice' school but felt very calm and staid. Being a teacher myself I like vibrancy and believe kids learn best from discussion and working with their peers. They are very different so it is really hard. Every time we mention our eldest is at Canterbury High I feel like everyone turns their nose up. Our middle son is more likely to be led astray hence our considering it. The religious aspect does worry me

Hakluyt Sat 11-Jun-16 18:27:26

"Every time we mention our eldest is at Canterbury High I feel like everyone turns their nose up."

I know that feeling- I have one at The Abbey in Faversham! grin

TheCommonWoMan Sat 11-Jun-16 18:31:30

If the religious aspect is already worrying you, I really wouldn't go for Archbishops. TBH, I'm surprised you were offered a place if that is the case as you normally need support from a vicar/minister.

KJfromoz Sat 11-Jun-16 20:00:18

Thanks for your feedback. There are very few schools in our area in Australia that were religious - except the catholic schools so I don't really know how extreme it would be. The principal did give me a good feeling about it that -they have to accept a minimum of 5 students from different backgrounds including non religious so I guess that is where we come in. I am not against my son learning about all religions at all - just don't want his learning to be affected by it I.e. From a science perspective.

KJfromoz Sat 11-Jun-16 21:15:58

I have heard really good things about The Abbey School - I hope yours is loving it there Hakluyt.

user1465869811 Sat 18-Jun-16 23:01:20

Both of my children are at Archbishops. Love it. It's very close knit, has a lovely atmosphere as the staff know me by sight and name and my kids have excelled. The religious aspect isn't much, the kids do bow their heads in assembly in the morning but it's just an action for those who aren't religious. I have worked in schools across kent providing support for troubled students and I'd certainly go for Archbishops if you want a more nurturing and close environment. Canterbury High(academy) is great too, but it's huge and your children could get a bit lost if they struggle. Send me a message if you have any questions x

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