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bex123456789 Mon 06-Jun-16 14:27:31

hi I was wondering if anyone can help im moving to edenbridge next week. I'm worried as heard lots of mixed reviews about the area, is it as bad as what people say? also my lg is due to start school in September please can anyone help with good schools or schools to avoid? also my son will have to take a train to school now can anyone tell me if the edenbridge to borough green (southern line) is any good, as I don't want to change his secondary school but might have to if I cant get him to school on time can anyone suggest any good senior schools in the area. Also is there a lot to do with the children ie clubs, swimming, gym any information would be a great help smile thank you in advance x

EdenbridgeMum Mon 06-Jun-16 21:58:25

Hi Bex

I've lived in Edenbridge for around 15 years and very happy here... yes it does have a mixed feel because it used to be very much us and them (council estate versus wealthy rural types). Now it has much more middle ground. The local primary school did have an iffy reputation, and still does in the older years, but from the bottom up it is definitely improving. I know several mums with kids at EPS and they are all very happy with it. They have pretty small classes too which is a bonus. The local village schools are largely seen to be 'better' but really it's horses for courses. I have direct experience of two of the village schools and have generally been really pleased.

I love living here. Perfect sized town, great for countryside and nipping to London. The problems of the town mostly revolve around how rapidly it has grown. So the doctor's surgery is on its knees for example - but plans are afoot to address that.

As for the trains, not sure I can help there... there are two stations, and ease of getting to them would depend which end of town you are moving to. One runs east-west, and the other north-south. National Rail enquiries could help there. Wherever a secondary aged child goes to school from here involves a fairly hefty commute. Most kids commute 45min-1 hour for school at secondary. Most head to Oxted (closest), Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells... so all a fair distance.

As for clubs - the leisure centre runs very popular swimming lessons. There are other clubs there such as taekwondo, gymnastics and dance. They also run holiday activities and clubs.There is an active community centre with the library that also holds dance and other activities. There is a Children's Centre that runs its own activities, though mostly for preschool age. There is an active scout unit and air cadets for older kids. The rugby and cricket clubs have very popular and well attended junior sections - cricket meets on Saturdays, rugby on Sundays (in relevant seasons). There are three churches (CofE, RC, and Baptist) that all have their own surrounding community clubs/events. There's also an acting troupe. So definitely plenty to get stuck in to. It's a small enough town to make friends very easily through the clubs your children attend, so hopefully that will help.

Hope that helps. We're very happy here, as are most of my friends. We all have kids in different schools, despite meeting at preschool, and the community feel goes on despite this.

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