Nurseries in Canterbury and Ashford

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1baby2cats Wed 01-Jun-16 12:59:38


We're looking for childcare in Ashford/Canterbury for our 1year old.
She's just started at a nursery but so far we've not been very impressed.

They don't seem to be very organised. The buzzer and lock on the front door seem to be broken. There never seems to be a manager in the office. She has an allocated key-worker and buddy but this morning there was no-one there who she knew. They had to go and look up about her routine, her comforter, what she can eat etc. We're also very unimpressed with their menu.

We are going to give it a month and then if she's not happy we'll mover her.

Please could you tell me what Nurseries you've tried and what you liked/disliked about them?

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