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hamptons Thu 21-Jan-16 09:38:52

Hi, I visited Canterbury last summer and fell in love with the town. I love too that it is so close to the sea and close to my two boys that are at a boarding school near by. I have decided now to move in with my daughter to Canterbury area. We are very excited!
I will be looking for a private (day) school that can help my 11y old daughter with her dyslexia and that has a strong emphasis on pastoral care. Sadly her (and my boys) experiences with schools in Hong Kong were extremely disappointing. Hence my move to UK now.
I have read in previous threads that StEdmunds and Kent College were recommended. Any change or addition to the 2012 and older threads?
I will be looking for a house to rent too. Do you have any suggestions on nice areas? Preferably something well connected (no major rush hour in the mornings as I am not keen on sitting for an hour+ in traffic jam), close to public footpaths (walking a dog) and with a garden. Are there any good estate agents in/around Canterbury?
Anything I should know before I move to Canterbury?
I appreciate every information smile
Many, many thanks!!

MrsOM Sat 30-Jan-16 17:56:40

Hi Hamptons,

There is a specialist dyslexia school and college in Rye (Eadt Sussex) called Frewen College that my colleague's boys go to and she says it's the best. I think it would depend on how severe your daughter's dyslexia is, as they have criteria, but it might be worth a look. They have a boarding school and day pupils. It is a long journey but I know there is a transport service which goes from Ashford (about half an hour from Canterbury on a good run).
Otherwise St Ed's and Kent College both have very good reputations. You might also want to look at The King's School.

In terms of renting somewhere there are lovely houses near the Kent University and Whitstable Hill area, St Dunstan's is also very nice and some parts of Rough Common too. Unfortunately traffic is bad here, and it seems to be getting worse, but if you needed to get to St Ed's or Kent college you'd be the right side of town for that. There are also great places to walk your dogs around there. Stay clear of Thannington, some parts of Wincheap and the area near Christchurch University and the prison. Blean and Tyler Hill are very nice little villages close to Canterbury, as is Bridge.

Good luck with the move!
smile x

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