Winchmore Camps - Free spaces on our primary and 11+ holiday camps

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Winchmorecampslaura Sun 03-Jan-16 12:15:12

Hi All,

We are launching a new educational holiday camp at Russell House School, Otford, Sevenoaks from Easter 2016 for children aged 4-11. Our camps are a unique blend of academic classes, sports and activities great settings which should really appeal to working mums and dads looking for childcare during the holidays as well as parents looking for an extra educational boost for their children in the holidays.

We have put together a fun packed programme which includes fun literacy and numeracy based lessons, specialist courses throughout the year including: 11+ prep for year 5 children and SATs prep for year 6 children, sports, cooking, arts & crafts, dance, drama and music.

We have a camp trial day on February 20th . If any MNers would like their child or children to attend we can offer some free spaces so that we can get feedback on the programme, venue, etc.

Please email for more information. Our website is here

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