Witnesses Wanted Please - Sat 28th November 2015 at 17.40

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WealdClose Tue 01-Dec-15 17:54:30

Good evening all,

I'm hoping you're all well and looking forward to Christmas.

My wife was driving down the High Street yesterday at around 5:40pm on her way to pick up her nephew from Bat and Ball Station, the fruit and veg lorry that is always sticking half out into the road had it's load cover untied as they were loading and the wind took it and smashed into my wife's car, cracking the window and the side window support and heavily scratching the bonnet also.

She pulled over and another car was behind that witnessed this but they drove off! And we need a witness, as the dodgy market sellers are now saying she drove at them and nearly run them over?! Unbelieveable but there are 4 traders now making up the same story and my wife was alone driving along the road.

She had to call the police to get them to give their details and they were extremely unpleasant towards her.

If you were in the car and saw or know who it was, or even walking along shopping and saw, we would really appreciate you coming forward.

She was extremely upset at having 4 grown men intimidate her and also damage her car, which she's only just got as an early Christmas present.

I've contacted the police also, to see if CCTV covers that area but any witnesses would be wonderful.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy Christmas,

The Temple family.

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