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KungfuPanda5 Mon 30-Nov-15 20:33:17


We are moving to Tunbridge Wells next month and are looking for primary schools for our children. We are currently considering St Barnabas or St James but the latter may not have space for both the kids. I would really appreciate any feedback from anyone on these two schools. Positive or negative! Also if anyone know of any childminders that can do pickups from these schools and is happy to share, I would be grateful too. Many thanks in advance.

LobsterQuadrille Thu 03-Dec-15 16:12:26

Hi KungfuPanda - I don't know St Barnabas but St James has a very good reputation - along with Claremont. My DD is in her last year at secondary now but I would definitely have chosen either of those two as primary. Put your children's name down anywhere you like the sound of, even if there are waiting lists - people are always moving and you may be lucky sooner than you think. Good luck!

KungfuPanda5 Thu 17-Dec-15 16:03:03

Hi Thank you so much for your reply. Much appreciated! It is reassuring to know that St James has a good reputation. Have put the children's name down there and fingers crossed. I am also looking for childminders in the area if anyone has any leads. We are completely new to the area and don't know a single soul. :-(

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