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GardenOfEngland Mon 16-Nov-15 08:35:17


Which is the best area to buy an investment property in Kent? Got some views of my own but if someone has already done some research or live in these areas, your views will be helpful. Criteria is good rental market and price appreciation potential.

1) Kings Hill
Pro: Employment opportunities within the area. Is that correct?
Con: Travel to London?

2) Sevenoaks/Tonbridge/TBW
Pro: Good Connection to London, great schools.
Con: ??

3) Orpington
Pro: Good Connection to London
Con: Too expensive

4) Ebbsfleet
Pro: travel?
Con: infrastructure?

5) New dockland style homes in Medway (Chatham/Gillingham)
Pro: Great views
Con: ??

6) Holborough lakes -- Berkeley's new development
Pro: Beautiful setting
Con: Travel to London?

imbruglia Wed 18-Nov-15 21:38:27

We're Planning on moving to stone street, Nr sevenoaks with our toddler and baby from Sussex. Can't afford in town sevenoaks prices but also fancied a more rural scene. Can anyone tell me what it's like as a place to live as a young family? Pros and cons please as we haven't decided yet! Thank you

CatThiefKeith Fri 20-Nov-15 10:27:44

Not much help but if you go for Medway I'd steer clear of St Mary's Island. I know a couple of people that live there and because of the waste in the soil there is a covenant on their properties that specify you cannot grow anything edible in the gardens, because it may be radioactive. confused

Additionally, one of my friends and one of her neighbours have been diagnosed with a rare type of cancer since living there. You couldn't give me a house there tbh.


luckylambchop Wed 02-Dec-15 16:58:45

hello, we have just moved from Orpington and it is indeed very expensive because of the transport links. I wouldn't have thought anything there had much potential for investment unless you're buying an absolute wreck. If you can find something to do up you'd sell it pretty quickly, ours sold within days. Good luck!

GardenOfEngland Fri 18-Dec-15 11:13:21

You are right on Orpington. no longer a candidate.

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