Parking in TN1

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Laura0806 Thu 01-Oct-15 10:37:43

Wondered if anyone could help.....thinking of buying a house in the village area of T Wells-its a terrace with no parking (I believe we would have permit parking)......whenever we drive there , there is no parking on the street the house is on but have found some on the streets around the house.....looking to find out others experiences? can you always find somewhere to park in the general area or is it sometimes impossible? Not looking forward to having to drag 4 children and a lot of shopping for miles!!

Lu13 Fri 16-Oct-15 16:28:49

If you can walk to nursery/work/school, park a car easily ( I can't haha! ) and use a supermarket delivery then those things will help massively. Those streets do get full though not necessarily impossible to park..if you will be using your car everyday I would look for a house with off road parking but that's just me smile

StarTravels Wed 25-Nov-15 14:16:51

I've lived in TN1 and always managed to park. After a while you work out the streets that will have spaces at different times of the day. The spaces are small though (and some roads narrow). You need to be prepared to spend some time driving around looking for them. This is probably normal for living in the town centre though.

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