Adult braces - recommendations and advice

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ISeeIt Sun 26-Jul-15 21:06:44

Hello lovely ladies

I have been thinking for a long time about getting braces. My twin had them when we were young but the dentist deemed my teeth (pre wisdom teeth) too straight to warrant them in the NHS. Over time, they've got very crooked and I guess the comparison with my sister's perfect teeth makes me feel all the more self conscious. Sob sob, sounds ridiculously self obsessed and vacuous I know, but it bothers me now to the extent I never smile or laugh without covering as much of my face as possible with my hands. Anyway, I've read horror stories about 6 month smile not working and Invisalign costing loads, can anyone fill me in on the options and rough cost? And most importantly, a recommendation in Kent for a reliable orthodontist?!

Much appreciated

Emma1098 Thu 30-Jul-15 19:46:41

I had Invisalign 6 years ago, I lost a tooth about aged 3 (knocked it out) and the adult tooth that replaced grew in an odd position as the space got taken up by the teeth either side. It cost about £3000 which I got to pay off interest free over 2 or 3 years and took about 7-8 months. Really pleased I got it done as the wonkiness used to bother me to the point where I wouldn't smile or want to speak face to face. I had braces as a child but the teeth moved back lter on. I now wear a retainer most nights and probably will do for the foreseeable future. My teeth probably have settled a bit and are no longer perfect but still loads better than previously. I had mine done in Canterbury if that's close to you?

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