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BSR9797 Mon 06-Jul-15 11:43:12

I am looking to have some building works to our house and would really appreciate recommendation for builders. Unfortunately it seems that whenever we have had work in the past, however small or large, there are issues either during the work or afterwards. Because I live in Sevenoaks it would seem we pay a premium for location but end up with unreliable builders and/or botched jobs. As you might imagine these have been expensive exercises, monetarily and psychologically.

We are looking for someone who can do the following work:-

- Remove two bedroom chimney breast (one with and one without chimney stack above)
- Move door of bedroom (in a stud wall)
- Build wardrobe and study desk in bedroom
- Replace roof (semi-attached 1930s house)
- Build a dormer window

We would appreciate any recommendations which hopefully will be competitive and within our tight budget.

Not sure if I am allowed to ask but are Polish builders the best bet? Friends we have who develop properties swear by them, alas I have not got a clue…..

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