What is Chilham village like to live in?

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Wonderingaboutkent Thu 04-Jun-15 17:34:38

Hi there.

We visited Chilham on day out a couple years ago and thought it was lovely.
We are thinking about moving from where we are now (Surrey) to Kent as we would like more space and we really like Kent when we have visited, so are starting to consider Chilham as an area to focus in on.

Don't really know much about the area other than it is pretty- has anyone got any information, especially regarding schools?

T1Inker Wed 01-Jul-15 10:03:08

Chilham is just down the road from me. Yes, lovely area but must be aware it is very rural. There is a bus service which runs but I do not know how frequent. Next shops, super markets, are in Wincheap, about 6 miles down the road from you. With schools I cannot help, my children are grown up now. Flew the nest as it were.
People are very friendly here, some very nice pubs around but as with everything here, you need transport at all times to get anywhere. And of course, Canterbury is just a hop and a skip away. If you are interested, you see many historic planes fying over. Yesterday it was a spitfire. Oh, one more very important thing, check your mobile and internet connection. Very bad area for Vodafone, the only thing that seems to work is 3. Broadband speed is dire although there is fibre optic installed at the nearest exchange, they have not activated it yet. Good luck.

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