Running with dogs?

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ArtyAnimal Sun 09-Nov-14 22:37:41

My dog needs a good run each day and so do I!
I do the required 1 hours walk with him a day, but we both need more. I have had to accept that I need to start running again.
(I used to run before I became a mum, but now with life, work and chocolate I really want avoid it if possible.)
So I am looking for an equally unfit, but motivated mum with a dog that would be keen to go for a jog/run with me.
I live in Sevenoaks so places that allow off lead runs, like dry hill are ideal.
If you already run with your dog, or want to give it a try then please contact me.
The more unfit you are the better, as I have not done this before. My dog is very, very bouncy and bold, but also follows my commands well. It might be experimental at first, but I hope to persevere and figure it out somehow.

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