Evening medway mums!

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RGPargy Tue 04-Nov-14 21:58:57

Hi everyone!

Anyone from Medway on here? Seems to be very quiet.

Let's start a medway chat! Xx

My name is carol and I'm from Chatham!


bethviolet Wed 05-Nov-14 22:24:29

evening! im from rochester smile xx

pigleychez Wed 19-Nov-14 13:02:44

Im in Rainham.

Moved back here almost a year ago. Was bought up in Rainham but moved away in 2000.
I have two daughters aged 4 and 6.

gemslt Mon 08-Dec-14 08:36:56

I'm moving to Rochester in January and would be great to hear from other mums in the area and to find out what's going on for mums and babies in the area. I have a 7 month daughter.

KnottingnotKnitting Tue 16-Dec-14 16:29:18

I'm in Hoo and have a 3.6 yo dd

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