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Pymbles Mon 09-Jun-14 02:10:45

To somewhere commuting distance from London with good schools. Husband likes Sevenoaks area but that's not set in stone. Are there any mothers out there who have moved kids from Oz to UK and can advise on schooling? Our year ends Dec, yours starts Sep. Is the education standard so different that mine (currently in Yrs 2 and 4) would need to start their year again in September, or would get away with skipping those three months and going straight into a new year, having only done 3 terms here? Are there any private schools where you can just pay and go and not have to be on waiting lists for years or be super bright? How can you get an average child into a good school? Are there government primaries which feed into private highschools? What are they all. What post codes are the nicest to live in. Has anyone from Oz bought their dogs in recently, what's the process? Thank you to anyone who can shed any light.

desperatemother Mon 28-Jul-14 13:06:27

Hi Pymbles, I can help a little. We've just moved over from Sydney to Tunbridge Wells. You have to be living in the country with proof of your residential address before you can enroll your children into schools. If you google OFSTED reports in the area you're moving to, that will help you decide what schools you prefer. My kids were in year 1 and 2 in Australia but only did 5 months. In September they go straight into year 2 and 3. I think at this age it doesn't really matter if they miss a few months. You have to complete application forms and hand them in to the schools of your choice. If they have vacancies they will let you know, otherwise they are put on the waiting list. I was lucky, both my kids have been accepted at the same school which was our 2nd favourite school.
Hope this helps. Good luck!!

bebsy75 Wed 07-Jan-15 20:49:18

Not sure if you've moved here already but Canterbury is a beautiful city with lots going on and is also in the high speed to London. I wouldn't bother wasting your money on private schools as there are lots of fantastic state primary schools all over Kent. Hope the move goes / went well.

NK5BM3 Mon 12-Jan-15 11:15:07

I agree with Bebsy - and there are plenty of people commuting into London from here. Canterbury W to St Pancreas in under an hour, or you can get off at Stratford International and connect to DLR to get you into Canary Wharf in 15 min.

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